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All American Hemp Company welcomes opportunities to build relationships with farmers, wholesalers, brokers, co-op groups and brand companies. Our expertise in industry practices and techniques, process engineering and product development has provided AAHC the tools required to be a leader in the industry.


Compliance & Best Practice

AAHC follows compliance set forth in the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill and is communicating with the USDA and FDA for future announced guidelines with GAP, GLP, GMP and ISO standards. All records are quality controlled for reference and reviewed regularly for Best Practice and documented within the states we operate.


Commercial Solutions

All American Hemp Company provides commercial solutions for the Industrial Hemp Community, specializing in Seed Production and Replication, Farming good agricultural practices (GAP), Processing, Formulation, and Global Fulfillment. AAHC’s capabilities range from agricultural assistance provided through our cooperative hemp seed and farming division, processing services rendering commercially tradable commodities, RnD Solutions for practices and formulations, multi Product Lines and Supply Chain Management for company and White-Label deliverables to the marketplace.